Apr. 20, 2017

NISSAN Rent a Car has joined the list of rental car agencies offering the Central Nippon Expressway Pass (CEP) for unlimited driving to foreign visitors to Japan! Also, the new special coupon book entitles you to good deals and convenience on your rental car trip!

Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited(NEXCO-Central)has started offering the Central Nippon Expressway Pass(CEP)at NISSAN Rent a Car’s 19 outlets, from April 1, 2017. With this addition, rental car agencies and outlets carrying CEP have increased from four agencies with 85 outlets to five agencies with 104 outlets.
Also, for your more convenient and affordable rental car trip, we have started distributing the “Driving SHORYUDO Coupon book” filled with premier benefits for tourist spots, commercial facilities, expressway rest areas, and other locations covered by CEP.
For your Central Japan road trip, take advantage of car rentals together with CEP.

NISSAN Rent a Car Nagoya Shinkansen Ekimae
Driving SHORYUDO Coupon book

<Advantages of the CEP>

  1. This pass offers unlimited use of expressways within the designated area for a period of 2 to 14 days at a flat rate. CEP users can enjoy visiting fascinating and enjoyable tourist destinations such as Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa, Mount Fuji and Kyoto.
  2. The customers pay a flat fee prior to using the expressways and use the ETC lane, allowing them to pass through the toll plazas without stopping to pay. This makes it a highly convenient product for visiting foreigners not familiar with Japanese expressways.
  1. For details on the CEP visit the NEXCO-Central website.

  2. For the latest CEP-related news as well as sightseeing information, visit the Facebook page.

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