Dec. 8, 2016

The promotional film for rental car trips on the Shoryudo Wide-area Tourism Route has been released.

Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO-Central) has released the promotional film for rental car trips on the Shoryudo Wide-area Tourism Route. This film is aimed at promoting use of the Central Nippon Expressway Pass (CEP) issued by NEXCO-Central for international tourists to Japan. Also, the film has been posted on CEP’s official website, YouTube, and Facebook, as an SNS-based advertising campaign mainly targeting Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand. The film will also be screened at tourism shows in these countries and regions.
Since its launch in 2012, the CEP has achieved more and more popularity; the number of users has doubled the last year, and the annual number of users established an No.1 record this year as well.
NEXCO-Central hopes that the release of this promotional film will further encourage more international tourists to Japan to use the CEP for rental-car-based independent travel and visit the Shoryudo area.
This promotional film, featuring international students from Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand, in addition to the Japanese cast, introduces must-see tourist destinations mainly on the Dragon Course, which is popular with CEP users, on the Shoryudo Wide-area Tourist Route. The film also explains how to obtain an international driving permit that is valid in Japan, traffic rules in Japan, how to use rental cars and expressways, and other topics.

<Advantages of the CEP>

  1. This pass offers unlimited use of expressways within the designated area for a period of 2 to 14 days at a flat rate. CEP users can enjoy visiting fascinating and enjoyable tourist destinations such as Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa, Mount Fuji and Kyoto.
  2. The customers pay a flat fee prior to using the expressways and use the ETC lane, allowing them to pass through the toll plazas without stopping to pay. This makes it a highly convenient product for visiting foreigners not familiar with Japanese expressways.
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  2. Additional Information
    For details on the CEP visit the NEXCO-Central website.