Driving Guide

【Gather Information Prior to Travelling】Plan thoroughly before driving

  • Q1
    What are the points to keep in mind when planning to drive?
    Plan your route carefully allowing plenty of time!

    Choose a safer route

    Winter driving has many dangerous hidden factors such as poor visibility and deep or drifting snow. When choosing an expressway-driving route, avoid routes where snow is likely to accumulate, even if it is the shortest route, choose a safe route where road surface condition are good. If possible drive on wide main roads before taking the expressway. Please be aware that car navigation systems display routes based on normal road conditions and do not take into consideration adverse road conditions at that time.

    Allow longer than usual when estimating required driving times.

    Driving on winter roads can take longer than expected, as you need to drive at reduced speeds. It is important to plan routes with plenty of spare time spare time, by leaving early for example, so that you can drive safely without rushing.

    Gathering information prior to travelling is important

    Check road conditions using weather forecasts and traffic information, etc. To avoid being caught in unexpected traffic congestion, it is necessary to gather information from several days in advance not only the day of travel.

    Reconsider driving plans when heavy snow is forecast

    If heavy snow is forecast, it is important to reconsider if driving plans are reasonable and to avoid going out if it is not necessary.

    ★ Hint from NEXCO Central Nippon!

    Please make use of Drive Compass

    Drive Compass is a website provided by NEXCO Central Nippon where you can search for expressway tolls and routes. You can quickly look up the time required, route and ETC discounted toll on a route map by selecting departure IC and arrival IC and using a calendar to check the day of the week or weekend and holidays. You can also check service, parking area and other information for the route so please use it when you are making driving plans.

  • Q2
    How do you get the latest traffic and snow information?
    The internet is convenient!

    Using the internet

    By phone

    Please use the NEXCO Central Japan Highway Telephone service to collect information by phone. Press #8162 on your mobile phone and you will hear the latest expressway traffic information 24 hours a day.
    ・NEXCO Central Japan Highway Telephone service (Japanese only)

    * Press #8011 to call JARTIC for local road information.

    * The use of smart phones and mobile phones while driving is prohibited by law. Please stop in a safe place such as at a service area if the driver is making the call.