Driving Guide

【Points to be Aware of in Winter】Road surface conditions change depending on time & place

  • Q1
    I saw vehicles working but what are they doing?
    Spraying antifreeze agents or snow removal work

    Antifreeze Spraying Operations

    To prevent road surfaces from freezing, antifreeze agents (such as rock salt or saltwater) are sprayed on roads. The vehicles will be sent out to spray antifreeze agents before the temperature drops.

    Snow Removal Work

    To maintain safe road surface conditions, snow control vehicles with snowplows attached to the front are used to remove snow.
    Snow removal equipment called motor graders are also used to remove highly compacted snow that cannot be removed by snowplows. Around Sekigahara a heavy snow area on the Meishin Expressway, we deploy approximately 80 snowplows at interchanges and service areas, and snow removal work is done every 15 to 20 minutes during snowfall.

    Snow Disposal Work

    Rotary snowplows remove snow piled up on the shoulders to outside of the main roadways. Dump trucks etc. are also used to dispose of snow.

    ★ Hint from NEXCO Central Nippon!

    Introducing Information Tools Useful When Driving on Expressways

    When you see them do not overtake!

    If you find snow & ice control vehicles on expressways, keep enough distance for safety and please do not overtake them. Since the road surface behind the vehicle has just been maintained it is much safer to drive on compared to snowy or frozen roads in front.

    Keep enough distance!

    If you get too close to snow & ice control vehicles that are spraying, antifreeze may hit your vehicle so please keep enough distance between when driving. Please also wash your vehicle after driving on sprayed surfaces or behind snow & ice control vehicles as the salt may stick to your vehicle.