Serious accidents occur on expressways when vehicles drive in the wrong direction.
Carefully check "Regulatory Signs", "Information Signs" and "Road Markings" when joining the main roadway from "Service and Parking Areas)" or "Interchanges".

To avoid driving in the wrong direction...

  • On expressways, please drive to the next interchange even if you take a wrong turn or miss an exit.
  • U-turns are prohibited on the main roadways of expressways.
  • You cannot proceed in a direction, which is not designated, from the merging lanes of service and parking areas or interchanges to main roadway.

Please follow the road signs

This is a sign to proceed in a designated direction

This sign shows you cannot enter ahead.

Information signs and road markings

If you cannot find the main roadway exit in rest areas, check signs and markings before proceeding.

Sign to main roadway.

Please check the direction before you proceed.

Stop if you notice a vehicle coming in the wrong direction.

If a vehicle is coming in the wrong direction stop in a safe place such as the shoulder, etc. to avoid a collision.

Driving the wrong way can easily happen in these places!

Around interchanges

Around tollgates

Around SA & PA