If you notice or bump into fallen objects

Please report fallen objects you notice or bump into by the following methods.
When there is a report, information is immediately provided through information boards.
If you see "Falling Objects" displayed, slow down and drive especially carefully.

Call from Emergency Phones

Please call from Emergency Phones located on main roadways (every 1km), inside tunnels (every 200m), at interchanges, service areas (SA), parking areas (PA), bus stops and emergency parking zones.

Inform tollgate, SA or PA staff

Please inform staff at tollgates when you pass through or at a nearby SA or PA.

Call Road Emergencies (#9910)

If you have a passenger when driving, ask that passenger to call Road Emergencies. You can call for free 24 hours a day from expressways and National Roads managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism throughout the country.

Falling objects are the responsibility of the object's owner! (Article 75-10 of the Road Traffic Act)

Falling objects are the responsibility of object's owner. Please cover baggage with sheets and secure with ropes so they do not fall.

When driving for a long distance or time please check again that it is secure at a SA or PA.

3 most common falling objects (NEXCO survey, 2014)

  • Plastic, vinyl, cloth (blankets and sheets)
  • Vehicle parts (tires and accessories, etc.)
  • Wood (timbers, veneers, etc.)