If accidents and breakdowns (punctures, etc.) occur

Compared to ordinary roads expressways are full of danger. You may be involved in unexpected accidents if you walk on the main roadway or shoulder after an accident or breakdown.

(1) Never walk around

There are many accidents in which "people" are hit by vehicles on expressways.

Be aware of this when!

  • Evacuating or waiting outside the vehicle
  • When talking to other parties in an accident
  • Reporting
  • Making repairs or, fitting and removing tire chains on the shoulder

(2) Signal following vehicles

Please walk outside the guardrails or median strip and set behind the vehicle.
Drivers of following vehicles may not notice.

Use these 3 signals!

  • Turn on hazard indicators
  • Burn a warning flare
  • Place warning triangle

* If possible place a flare and warning triangle a reasonable distance behind the vehicle.
Please be careful when walking.
* Please walk away from roadway, if possible outside the guardrail, when setting.

Flares are usually located in the passenger footwell

(1) Take a firm hold of the case and cap

(2) Twist cap off flare tube while pulling out

(3) Insert bottom of case into cap

(4) Remove white cap

(5) Ignite by rubbing abrasive material on cap against the end of the flare

(6) Quickly place it on road and move to a safe place

* Place warning triangle and don’t forget to turn hazard indicators on

Please use a warning triangle

It is required by law to display a warning triangle when forced to stop on expressways (Article 75-11 of the Road Traffic Act)

(3) Evacuate to a safe place

Inside the vehicle is not a safe place
Do not stand near the vehicle!
Do not stay inside the vehicle!

The driver and all passengers should carefully and immediately evacuate to a safe place such as outside the guardrail while paying attention to passing vehicles.
Inside the vehicle is not a safe place. Fatal accidents due to rear-end collisions of following vehicles often occur.

(4) Report after evacuation

There are 3 ways to report. Please describe how the accident or breakdown occurred and if there are any injured persons.

  1. Call Road Emergencies (#9910)
  2. Call 110
  3. Use an Emergency Phone

* Please watch your step and pay attention to passing vehicles when walking to an Emergency Phone.

Flow after reporting

Flow after reporting

Even if you have contacted a recovery service, etc. due to a puncture or breakdown or can deal with the situation yourself, please move to a safe place and report it.

By notifying us we can display to following vehicles that there is a broken down or stopped vehicle and based on the situation send the Traffic Police or Expressway Control Team to the site to restrict lanes.

When you notice an accident

Watch out for people nearby

If a vehicle is stopped due to an accident or breakdown, there may be people nearby. Prepare for danger and expect people to suddenly step out.

Slow down and drive safely

If an accident or breakdown occurs, information will be provided on traffic information boards or Highway Radio, etc. Please slow down and drive carefully when you receive such information.