Handling expressway emergencies & breakdowns Just in case.

Accidents, Breakdowns & Punctures!

How to calmly handle accidents or breakdowns on expressways.

Fallen Objects!

How to report fallen objects you notice or bump into.

Never Drive in the Wrong Direction!

Serious accidents occur when vehicles drive in the wrong direction. Confirm the proper direction of travel and please drive safely.

Fire in a Tunnel!

How to report a fire in a tunnel, and initial fire-fighting and evacuation methods.


How to gather information and evacuate when you encounter a major earthquake on expressways.

ETC Lane Tollgate Bar Doesn't Open!

How to handle the tollgate bar not opening due to an ETC card not being inserted or a communication error.

Take a Wrong Turn!

Miss an Exit!
How to handle taking an expressway by mistake or getting off at the wrong exit.

Lost or Dropped Belongings!

How to handle losing or dropping belongings on expressways and in service areas.

If you feel ill!

How to handle feeling ill when driving.