What are iHighway Traffic Congestion Forecasts?

iHighway Traffic Congestion Forecasts are maps where you can check congestion forecasts for the Kanto, Tokai, Kansai and Hokuriku areas up to 3 months ahead based on congestion forecasts issued by the 3 NEXCO companies.
Please note that congestion caused by roadwork or accidents are not included.

Explanation of iHighway Traffic Congestion Forecasts’ screens

The area name you selected is displayed.

The specified date is displayed.

Navigation will be displayed below by clicking the button. With this navigation you can change road name (area) and date (month and day (from now up to 3 months ahead)).

You can change to inbound or outbound.

You can change time to earlier or later in 1 hour increments.

The color represents how long the congestion is.

30km or more
10km~30km or less
10km or less
No congestion

* Please be aware that these Traffic Congestion Forecasts only show information for typical congestion points.