Rest Area

Rest Area Management

To make our rest areas more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable, we provide appealing commercial facilities and authentic, unique locally produced merchandise.

Service with a Spirit of Welcome and Hospitality

”OMOTENASHI” is a Japanese unique spirit of welcome, hospitality, and even expressing respect for customers. We serve customers with “OMOTENASHI” at our rest areas. To pursue the spirit, hospitality contests among emloyees are periodically held.

A rest area concierge is the representative example of our service with “OMOTENASHI.” At most major rest areas, they provide wide range of information on traffic, tolls, commercial facilities and nearby tourist sites, and also are well-trained to assist customers in case of emergency.

Hospitality Contest Rest Area Concierge
Entrance for Local Communities at Rest Area

Local Accessible Gateways to Rest Areas

Most of our rest areas have become available for local residents besides our original customers (expressway users) with exclusive parking lots.

Official Mascot

Our official mascot, “Michimaru-kun,” promotes our commercial facilities and events. "Michimarukun” plays an active role in creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere for guests at our rest areas.

Entrance for Local Communities at Rest Area

Geothermal-Assisted Air Conditioning

Geothermal air conditioning systems have been installed at some of our rest area food courts.
While the ground surface is strongly affected by the ambient temperature, the underground temperature is more stable (around 15℃) throughout the year. Employing geothermal heat, the systems at these rest areas have reduced power consumption by 10% by taking fresh air into their buildings through underground pipes, cooling it in the summer and warming it in the winter.

Rest Areas Serve as Disaster Response Bases

Based on the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are installing emergency equipment at our rest areas so that they can function as bases for the Japan Self-Defense Forces, and local fire and police departments carrying out rescue operations after future disasters.
We also are providing the necessary equipment and emergency supplies so that our rest areas can function as evacuation sites for local residents and expressway customers.

Tips of our Sparkling-Clean Restrooms

Learn why our rest areas are so clean and comfortable.

"Tips of our Sparkling-Clean Restrooms"(3.3MB)