Business Development

Discovering Overseas Business Opportunities

We, as a major Public Private Partnership (P3) player in Japan, have been seeking business opportunities overseas, offering our vast experience and expertise to develop the world’s transportation infrastructure.

Road Investment

Entering into the global highway PPP market is one of our fundamental achievements. In 2017, NEXCO-Central and JEXWAY, our affiliate specializing in international investment have invested in FCC Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company (FCC), which operates “Phu Ly Bypass” located on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam. Through JEXWAY, we also invested in a toll road project in Indonesia in 2014.


We deliver consulting services in many countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Kyrgyz, to assist their road development master planning, and enhance construction and maintenance technologies and capabilities.

Activities in Vietnam

We launched a representative office in Hanoi in 2008 and have been conducting market research and developing networks with local authorities and companies.
In 2017, we established a long-term business partnership with FECON, a Vietnamese major construction company and FCI, FECON’s subsidiary, for better contribution to road infrastructure development of the country. As the first activity according to this partnership, NEXCO and JEXWAY have joined “Phu Ly Bypass BOT Project” as a shareholder of FCC. Taking advantage of our expertise, we jointly work on improving road safety and pursuing road development projects in Vietnam.

Repair of Expressway Floor Slab
Vietnam Office
Works from Pavement Surface
Partnership with FECON Group

Activities in US

Our representatives, based on Washington D.C. and Dallas, TX, conduct marketing research on P3 investments and consulting services in order to enter into P3 expressway projects by taking advantage of our engineering technologies.

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International Contributions

We promote active communication and interaction with communities and organizations around the world, and we contribute to international development.

Expert Deployed to Other Nations

Our engineers have been sent all over the world as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) expert, embassy secretary, or Technical Advisor of the Permanent International Association of Road Congress (PIARC) upon the request of the Japanese government.

Participation in International Organizations

We share technologies and expertise with road industry at international conference such as PIARC, International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA), International Road Federation (IRF),Transportation Research Board (TRB), The Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA), and PSKLM International Expressway Conference and Exhibition (PIECE).

Hosting Overseas Delegates

We welcome technical tours widely from various countries every year. In FY 2015, we hosted 30 delegations from 23 countries. These delegations were particularly interested in our:

  • Construction sites
  • Long tunnels and bridges
  • Traffic control centers and Communication
  • Toll plaza
  • Rest areas
  • Training facilities

Products and Services

The Long-Term Proactive Asset Management Approach (LPAMA) is the hallmark of our asset management services. Compared with conventional approaches, LPAMA focuses primarily on identifying potential issues and implementing a proactive maintenance strategy. As a result, operation and maintenance costs are minimized while performances are enhanced. Using this approach, road maintenance costs on our expressways during the current decade have been reduced by 34%.

Reliable Pavement Data Collection

Our unique “Road Tiger” is a high-speed pavement data collection vehicle that can obtain pavement distress images, longitudinal/transverse profiles and 3D mapping images with geospatial data. “Road Tiger” performs all six functions reliably and safely at 100kph without interfering with traffic flow.

Road Surface Profiling Vehicle (Road Tiger)
Pavement Data Collection Vehicle “Road Tiger”
Road Surface Profiling Vehicle (“Road Tiger”)
Pavement Distress Image
Analysis on Faulting
Longitudinal Profiles around Joints
Longitudiral/Transversee Pavement Measuring at High Speed
3D Mapping Images

Guarding Against Concrete Deterioration

We design, build and maintain concrete structures with 100 year lifespans. We conduct detailed inspections and repairs that lead to longer road life. We manage our own concrete research laboratory and develop a number of products that promote durable repairs and reinforcement.

Concrete Research Laboratory
Concrete Research Laboratory
Water Jet Robot
“Water Jet Robot”

Effective Bridge Renovation

Our unique water jet robot removes deteriorated concrete in narrow spaces between bridge decks and substructures by extending its arm up to one meter without causing any damage to the structure.

Works at Narrow Places
Works at Narrow Places

We have developed innovative epoxy adhesive and filing materials for cracks and cavities between differently aged concretes and even on wet surfaces without compromising the original structure.

Repair of Expressway Floor Slab
Repair of Expressway Floor Slab
Works from Pavement Surface
Works from Pavement Surface