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Toll Collection Methods

Toll Collection Process

  1. Entrances (Interchanges)
    Those paying with cash or credit card should use a lane displayingregular and take a ticket from the ticket dispenser. ETC users should use an ETC lane, passing through at 20 km/h. *There are some entrances that collect set tolls upon entry.
  2. Exits (Tollgates)
    Tollgates are located at exits where you can pay the expressway toll. ETC users should pass through an ETC lane at 20 km/h.

Payment Methods

Only cash payments in Japanese yen are accepted. Please exchange your money ahead of time.
Credit Cards
The following credit cards can be used to pay tolls on national expressways and other toll roads. Credit cards can be used without entering PIN numbers or signing. (Credit card cannot be used at Chubu Jukan Expressway)
Credit Cards
It is necessary to have a wireless The ETC in-vehicle device and ETC card in your car to pay tolls with ETC. *The ETC card is not like an ordinary credit card, it is compatible with the ETC car in-vehicle device.