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This website (http://global.c-nexco.co.jp/en/ hereinafter referred to as the Site) is run by Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Company) with the objective of supplying information on the businesses and projects of the Company.
Your use of the Site constitutes your agreement to the following terms. Please note that the Company may change the terms of use of the Site.

Recommended Browsers
The Site is best viewed with Internet Explorer version 5.5 or newer or Netscape version 6 or newer.
*Improvements are being made to make this site compatible with Internet Explorer version 6.0 and newer and Netscape version 7.0 and newer to help improve your experience. Please note that defects in unsupported browsers may make them unstable.
A portion of the contents of the Site uses JavaScript. JavaScript is enabled as a default setting in the recommended browsers for this site. We recommend that you enable JavaScript in your browser to properly view all contents of the Site.
In principle, the Company holds the copyrights of the contents contained in the Site. However, portions of the contents were created by outside parties other than the Company. In these cases, the creators of the particular content hold the copyrights. The contents of the Site can be used for personal use such as downloading, saving to a personal computer or printing, but may not be duplicated on another website or in printed form. Any other use of the contents of the Site outside of the scope of the Japanese Copyright Act without the permission is prohibited.
While the Company takes extra care, there is no guarantee that information contained on the Site is accurate, current or fit for a particular purpose. The Company will take no responsibility for any problems that arise from erroneous information or the use of the Site. The Company also takes no responsibility for damages of any kind that arise from changes to information or the discontinuation of the Site for any reason.
The Company is not responsible for any problems or damages to software or hardware that arise from the use of the Site. Please be aware that information etc. contained on the Site can be changed or removed without notice.

In principle, you are free to link to the Site; however, links must be in accordance with the following requirements.
Clearly identify links to the Company's homepage. Using frames to display a portion of the Site on your website is not allowed because it causes confusion as to where the information originated. Even when meeting the above two requirements, links will be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Sites which contains information that is offensive to public order
  • Sites which violate or may violate the copyrights or other intellectual property of the Company or third parties
  • Sites which slander or may slander the Company or third parties causing damage
  • Sites which violate or may violate laws and ordinances
  • The Company takes no responsibility for damages of any kind to users of sites linked to and from the Site
  • Additionally, sites links from the Site are operated and managed under the authority of their respective companies. The Company has no control over the contents of these sites. The Company takes no responsibility for the information of sites linked to the Site and any damages resulting from the use of said sites.