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Sign descriptions

Entrance signs

Signs to describe the direction of entrances and advance notice of entrances are installed at major intersections of ordinary roads that lead to expressway entrances and places where explanation is necessary.

Entrance Sign

Directional signs at interchanges

Signs are installed to indicate direction at forks in an interchange, when entering or exiting the expressway.

Directional Sign

Directional signs on main expressways

There are signs that describe roads and signs that describe direction when going straight at the branch of an expressway.

Directional Sign JCT sign

Signs that confirm direction and distance

Signs are placed directly after entering the expressway to describe direction and distance when the distance between interchanges is long.

Direction and Distance DignExsample of sign

Exit information signs

Signs are installed to describe direction and exits, as well as advance notice of exits at expressway exits and in the vicinity of exit branches.

Exit Sign

Information signs at service and parking areas

Signs describing the facility are installed at or near the entrance to expressway service and parking areas.

Service Area SignParking Area Sign

Sign describing a rest stop (parking area)

Symbols that signify facilities

Sevices Indicated by Symbols

What is a roadside notice?

A. "Kilometer posts" mark the distance in kilometers from the origin of the road. They are a rough estimate of the distance traveled. (On the Tomei and Meishin Expressways, distance is marked from the Tokyo interchange.)

Kilometer Posts