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About call boxes

  1. Call boxes are installed every 1 km (every 200 meters in tunnels).
  2. To use one, lift the receiver. An attendant will answer so please explain the condition of the accident or breakdown.
    • At most call boxes, the call will connect when you lift the receiver. For those who cannot communicate vocally, most are equipped with a button to display the condition of the emergency through illustrations, Japanese, or English, whether it be a breakdown, an accident, a medical emergency or fire.
    • Some roads have push button or dial type call boxes. In these cases, dial appropriately or push the appropriate button for breakdown or accident and you will be able to speak with an attendant.
  3. Call boxes are free of charge. They will not connect with ordinary telephones.
  4. Being aware traffic, walk to a safe place, such as the outside of a guard rail.
  5. Call boxes are for the notification of emergencies such as accidents and breakdowns!
  6. When a call box cannot be used, stop the car in a safe place and use a mobile or public phone to dial the roadside emergency number, #9910. Docomo, KDDI and Softbank mobile phones can be used to dial roadside emergency. Some international models cannot be used.(Confirmation is necessary).
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